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A Guide to Federal Labor Relations Authority Law and Practice
A Guide to FLRA Law and Practice, 2023
New Release
By: Broida
Price: $775.00
Sku: 23FLRA
Edition: 36th/2023
ISBN: 978-1-956013-23-8
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

In two volumes, Updated annually, the FLRA Guide is a complete research tool on unit determinations, negotiability and the collective bargaining process, unfair labor practices, and constraints on arbitration. The Guide includes discussion of cases, laws, and litigation practice before the FLRA and its reviewing courts. Major topics include jurisdiction, unit determinations and elections; labor organizations; procedures and substantive limitations on and specific applications of negotiability determinations; the Federal Service Impasses Panel; ULPs and remedies; review of arbitration awards; and administrative reconsideration and judicial review. This authoritative text is a component of the American Civil Service Law Series. (more details)

Principles of Federal Sector Arbitration Law
Principles of Federal Sector Arbitration Law, 2023
New Release
By: Broida
Price: $250.00
Sku: 23POA
Edition: 8th/2023
ISBN: 978-1-956013-16-0
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

This encyclopedic text features summaries of federal sector arbitration awards addressing significant issues and major arbitration principles from 1999 through 2022. Awards are arranged by topic. Principles includes a table cross-referencing arbitrators to the awards they have issued. Major topics include the nature of arbitration, the collective bargaining agreement, arbitrability, grievances, hearings, management rights, contract interpretation, common substantive arbitration topics, settlement, remedies, attorney fees and damages. (more details)

Motions Practice before the MSPB and the EEOC
Motions Practice before the MSPB and the EEOC, 2023
New Release
By: Tuck & Founding Author Hadley
Price: $160.00
Sku: 23MPME
Edition: 2nd/2023
ISBN: 1-978-1-956013-15-3
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Prehearing and post-hearing motions, as well as rules of motion practice are studied in this newly updated practical and helpful guidebook. The authors examine motions presented to the Board and the Commission separately, paying special consideration to how to most effectively use motions for the desired result. Major topics include federal rules of civil procedure and basic, pre- and post-hearing motion practice before the Merit Systems Protection Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (more details)

A Federal Sector Guide to the FMLA & Related Litigation
A Federal Sector Guide to the FMLA & Related Litigation, 2023
New Release
By: Bosland
Price: $275.00
Sku: 23FMLA
Edition: 5th/2023
ISBN: 978-1-956013-14-6
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

An authoritative examination of the FMLA, this book includes citations and analysis of governing statutes, regulations and case law. Major topics include a review of FMLA legislation, applicability of the FMLA in the federal government, coverage of employees and family members, eligibility, covered conditions, notice requirements, documentation, leave amount and scheduling, paid leave, maintenance of benefits, return to work, record-keeping, prohibited acts, enforcement and remedies, COVID-19, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, Expanded Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, and the interaction of FMLA with other laws. (more details)

ACSLS Reference Materials (.pdf download)
ACSLS Reference Materials
New Release
By: Dewey
Price: $30.00
Sku: 23RM
Edition: 2023
Format: .pdf download (+ optional backup CD)

A collection of frequently used materials from the EEOC, FLRA, and MSPB. These materials are of interest to agency employees, mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, and administrative law judges, as well as those seeking further specifics and/or clarification on procedure related to management, due process, disciplinary action in the workplace, and legal determinations impacting employment status. A download link will be sent in the confirmation email after the item is purchased.

Available in .pdf form with optional back-up CD and material includes EEOC, FLRA, MSPB, ADA, Privacy Act, Rehabilitation Act, procedure for appeals and stay requests, and current whistleblower statues. Click here to view the Table of Contents. (more details)

Covid-19 and Federal Sector Labor and Employment Law
Covid-19 and Federal Sector Labor and Employment Law, 2022
New Release
By: Bosland
Price: $225.00
Sku: 22CLEL
Edition: 1st/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-13-9
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

This handbook provides detailed, up-to-date information on the federal government’s legal response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to the federal workforce. Major topics include Executive Order, guidance, regulations, and statues; remote work; leave; vaccinations and testing requirements and exceptions; reopening and return to work; workplace safety requirements; labor relations; COVID-19’s relationship to other laws; and caselaw developments. (more details)

The First Four Weeks
A Guide for the New Federal Supervisor
The First Four Weeks, 2022
New Release
By: Corum
Price: $100.00
Sku: 22FFW
Edition: 3rd/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-10-8
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

The First Four Weeks guides new managers on how to effectively transition into their new supervisory role and manage federal employees while still achieving their goals during the crucial first few weeks of tenure. Major topics include what motivates employees, mentally preparing for the supervisory role, negotiating with upper management, defining jobs, starting out right with your new employees, setting rules and performance expectations, and managing time. (more details)

Federal Sector Workers' Compensation
Federal Sector Workers' Compensation, 2022 By: Laws
Price: $275.00
Sku: 22FSWC
Edition: 7th/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-12-2
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

The new seventh edition offers the most comprehensive reporting and commentary on all aspects of workers’ compensation issues in the federal sector. Major topics include an overview of the FECA, OWCP procedure, hearings, reconsideration, ECAB appeals, fact of injury, performance, causation, emotional conditions, medical evidence, continuation of pay, schedule awards, rehabilitation and reemployment, wage loss compensation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits, representation and attorney fees, overpayments, third party liability, relationship between FECA and other laws. (more details)

Compensatory Damages and Other Remedies
In Federal Sector Employment Discrimination Cases
Compensatory Damages and Other Remedies, 2022 By: Gilbert & Sumner
Price: $250.00
Sku: 22CDOR
Edition: 14th/2022
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

A Dewey bestseller, Compensatory Damages is the seminal text on how to support and defend against claims for compensatory damages and other remedial claims in federal sector employment discrimination cases. Includes case summaries through mid-2022 and a chart of significant awards. Major topics include equitable and compensatory damages, proving damages, mitigation and offset, back pay, collateral source rule, tax consequences, settlement, managing discovery, calculating damages, and attorney fees. (more details)

MSPB Case Summaries
MSPB Case Summaries By: Broida & Davis
Price: $250.00
Sku: 22MSCS
Edition: 13th/2022
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Updated annually, this encyclopedic guide condenses MSPB and Federal Circuit decisions from 1999 through early 2022 into concise, usable summaries. Cases are arranged by subject matter areas and further categorized alphabetically. The MSPB Reference Materials free download and an index and table of cases rounds out this research tool. Major topics include adverse and performance actions, arbitration/collective bargaining issues, attorney fees, Board procedure, jurisdiction and judicial review, defenses, discrimination, evidence, harmful error, hearings, mitigation, prohibited personnel practices, retirement, reemployment, remedies, RIFs, settlements, substantive offenses, timeliness, USERRA and VEOA. (more details)

The Complete Federal Supervisor's Guide to Human Resources Management
The Complete Federal Supervisor's Guide to Human Resources Management, 2022
New Release
By: Corum
Price: $160.00
Sku: 22FSHR
Edition: 2nd/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-07-8
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

This newly updated handbook on managing federal employees covers, from a supervisor's perspective, every important aspect of human resources management from hiring to firing. This book details the rules, strategies, and tactics that federal supervisors need, including hiring the right people, structuring jobs to best motivate them, managing their performance, maintaining discipline, and managing their time. Each chapter concludes with a summary and checklist for dealing with each issue. (more details)

Consolidated Federal Sector EEO Update 2004-2022
Consolidated EEO Update 2004-2022 By: Gilbert & Sumner
Price: $250.00
Sku: 22CEUP
Edition: 13th/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-06-1
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Updated annually, this comprehensive text digests notable Commission and federal court employment discrimination decisions from 2003 through early 2022 and reviews EEO laws, regulations, and guidance. Major topics include recent trends in the law; bases of discrimination; attorney fees; class actions; compensatory damages; appellate review; evidence; harassment; hearings; mixed cases; procedures; remedies; reprisal; settlement; and sexual harassment. (more details)

MSPB Charges & Penalties
A Charging Manual
MSPB Charges & Penaltie By: Fowler & Vitaro
Price: $300.00
Sku: 22MSCP
Edition: 14th/2022
ISBN: 978-1-956013-05-4
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Annually-updated, a Dewey best seller. Using Board and Federal Circuit cases as examples, Charges & Penalties offers comprehensive analysis and authoritative advice on adverse actions, charge drafting, and penalty selection. Major topics include the basics of adverse actions and charges; causation; charge classification; specific, generic, and narrative charges; power charging; lesser-included offenses; charge interpretation; notice and due process; the conjunctive charge; indefinite suspensions and security-related charges; merging, selecting and drafting the charge; advice for proposing and deciding officials; the penalty; and charges and proof requirements. (more details)

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