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From Peter Broida, publisher:

As a publisher and as an attorney handling civil service, labor, and EEO cases for decades on behalf of employees, unions, and, on occasion, federal agencies, I offer some acquisition suggestions for my colleagues who represent federal agencies. My assumption is that your work will include the broadest variety of litigation and counsel in civil service, labor, and EEO cases, coupled with the need for reference materials involving security clearance and workers compensation matters.

My recommendation for practitioners is to use the digital form of these publications. Our digital books are .pdf files that can be sent to you on CD-ROM, USB drive or download. The files are hyperlinked internally with cross references and externally to selected cases or statutes available on the Internet, and useful for cutting and pasting text into written pleadings. You can take the file along with your laptop to a hearing or mediation. For those who use our digital products, remember that they are copyrighted, sold with single-user licenses, and are not to be placed onto shared networks.

Also, remember that the law changes. Keep current. Use the most recent edition of our annually-updated texts. We update them for a reason: to provide the most recent caselaw that we can put into print.

I am also recommending some training videos, because I know that you will occasionally need to train attorneys who are recent graduates or seasoned attorneys first venturing into federal sector employment litigation.

A recommended reference library of basic materials includes: