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MSPB: Litigation Techniques
95MSLT.jpg By: Broida, Levinson & Kastner
Price: $25.00
Sku: 95MBLT
Edition: 1st/1995
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

This audio course is a three-hour narration of MSPB practice and procedure. Instruction is offered by two seasoned practitioners and a former MSPB Chairman. (more details)

Agency Advocacy Before the MSPB and EEOC
97AAME.jpg By: Fowler & Holzman
Price: $25.00
Sku: 97AAME
Edition: 1st/1997
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

This training course is written and narrated by two seasoned agency advocates who offer their experience, analysis, and advice to agency representatives on how to effectively advocate before the MSPB or EEOC. (more details)

Arbitration Advocacy
97AA.jpg By: Angelo
Price: $25.00
Sku: 97AA
Edition: 1st/1997
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

Practical and engaging, this two hour audio course walks management and union representatives through the arbitration process with advice and analysis along the way. (more details)

Mediation of Federal Sector Employment Disputes
97MED.jpg By: Kaufman & Feil
Price: $25.00
Sku: 97MED
Edition: 1st/1997
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

This audio tutorial from two professional mediators is perfect for any management, employee, or union representative engaged in mediation. An examination of the mediation process is provided, with special attention paid to the role and responsibility of the representative. (more details)

The Dewey Publications Podcast
By: Broida
Price: $0.00
Sku: Free Podcast

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