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A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice
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By: Natania Davis and Founding Author Ernest C. Hadley
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Edition: 4th/2023
Sku: 23FSDD
ISBN: 978-1-956013-25-2
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A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice, 2023

Written by the late Ernie Hadley and updated by Natania Davis, author of A Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice, the Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice is a seminal text on disability discrimination case law, statutes, and regulations interpreting and implementing the ADA, ADAAA, Rehabilitation Act, GINA, and Drug Abuse Act. (more details)

Disability discrimination and reasonable accommodation cases continue to grow in number. Especially noteworthy in this Fourth Edition is caselaw decided under the ADAAA as applied to federal sector employment by the EEOC. Even though the ADAAA went into effect in 2009, it was not until 2016 that the Commission published its first decision under the Act. In addition, much of the caselaw under the old ADA has been removed to ensure that each chapter sets forth the most up-to-date regulations and Commission and court decisions. New topics include the interaction between use of artificial intelligence in employment practices and the ADA, the “regarded as” provision under the ADAAA, pre-employment medical inquiries, service animals and telework as reasonable accommodations, and COVID-19.

Federal agency managers, supervisors, personnel specialists, and EEO and EAP counselors dealing with medical issues and reasonable accommodation requests, as well as counselors, investigators, and advocates who litigate disability cases rely on the Disability Guide for its comprehensive reporting and commentary on topics including:

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