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Federal Sector Workers' Compensation
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By: Laws
Price: $250.00 On Sale! $200.00
Sku: 15FSWC
Edition: 5th/2015
ISBN: 978-1-941825-13-6; 1-941825-13-3
Availability: IN-STOCK (released 09/3/15)
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Recently updated, Federal Sector Workers’ Compensation offers the most comprehensive reporting and commentary on all aspects of workers’ compensation issues in the federal sector. Major topics include an overview of the FECA, OWCP procedure, hearings, reconsideration, ECAB appeals, fact of injury, performance, causation, emotional conditions, medical evidence, continuation of pay, schedule awards, rehabilitation and reemployment, wage loss compensation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits, representation and attorney fees, overpayments, third party liability, relationship between FECA and other laws. (more details)

Supervisors Bundle - Discipline
(19UCS; 10DFE)
Price: $155.00 On Sale! $124.00
Sku: DiscpBundle
Availability: IN-STOCK
Format: Softcover Books/PDF eBooks on CD-ROM

UnCivil Servant (2019)UnCivil Servant
Holding Government Employees Accountable for Performance and Conduct

By: Hadley
Price: $100.00 $80.00

Ideal for federal supervisors and managers, and anyone who advises them, this handbook is a how-to guide on misconduct, performance and discipline. Major topics include the five fundamental elements of a disciplinary action, the five fundamental elements of a performance action, termination, the defense of a penalty, special challenges to adverse actions, and nontraditional disciplinary techniques.

(2010) Disciplining Federal EmployeesDisciplining Federal Employees
By: Corum
Price: $55.00 $44.00

This text educates federal supervisors and managers on the philosophy, structure, and detail of administering discipline in the federal service. Disciplining Federal Employees begins by leading supervisors through the four sequential decisions they must make in any disciplinary action. The book then describes how to apply these decisions to the most common disciplinary situations. The two extremes of preventive measures to keep good employees honest and winning tactics for firing the worst employees complete this text. “Good case examples” are provided at the end of each chapter to help bring each chapter’s lesson into focus.

Harassment Bundle
(17FSHL; 13CSH)
Price: $290.00 On Sale! $232.00
Sku: HarassmentBundle
Availability: IN-STOCK
Format: Softcover Books/PDF eBooks on CD-ROM

Federal Sector Harassment LawFederal Sector Harassment Law
By: Hadley & Davis
Price: $225.00 $180

This handbook provides comprehensive coverage of harassment law based on sex, race and color, religion, disability, national origin, age and reprisal. Case law examples and analyses are provided from the EEOC, OFO, and the courts; EEO enforcement guidance and policy guidance; statutes and regulations. Major topics include tangible employment actions, hostile work environment, timeliness, nature of conduct, basis of conduct, severe and pervasive conduct, liability for harassment, and avoiding liability.

Combating Sexual Harassment (2013)Combating Sexual Harassment
By: Corum
Price: $65.00 $52

Combating Sexual Harassment, in its 2nd edition and new for 2013, teaches supervisors, managers, investigators, EEO staff, and personnel departments how to identify and navigate through claims of sexual harassment. Major topics include defining sexual harassment, investigating allegations of harassment, assessing the facts, how to respond, and disciplinary actions.

Disability Discrimination Bundle
(17DDLD; 11FSDD)
Price: $460.00 On Sale! $368.00
Sku: DisabilityBundle
Availability: IN-STOCK
Format: Softcover Books/PDF eBooks on CD-ROM

Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook (2017)Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook
By: Gilbert& Sumner
Price: $225.00 $180

Updated with cases through mid-2017, the Disability Deskbook is an extensive compilation of cases interpreting the Rehabilitation Act, ADA, ADAAA, and other statutes and implementing regulations and covers all disability related topics. Major topics include who is covered under the ADA, specific impairments, major life activities, "regarded as having a disability," "qualified individual with a disability," reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, direct threat defense, and disability related inquiries.

A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and PracticeA Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice
By: Corum
Price: $235.00 $188

The Disability Guide is an extensive and updated examination of federal EEO disability discrimination decisions, litigation practice, statutes, regulations, and practical advice for supervisors, representatives, HR specialists, and adjudicators. Major topics include overviews of the Rehabilitation Act, the ADA, and the ADAAA, impairments, major life activities, substantial limitations, "regarded as" disabilities, qualified individuals, reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, forms of prohibited discrimination, timeliness, remedies, and GINA.

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