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EEOC and MSPB Litigation
04EML.jpg By: Broida, Hadley, Gilbert & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Sku: 04EAML
Edition: 1st/2004
ISBN: 0-9729852-6-3
Format: 2 CD-ROMs

Whether practicing before the EEOC or the MSPB, this training disc explores and dissects each step of the litigation process. From pre-discovery to closing arguments, the speakers detail what practitioners before the Board and Commission need to know. (more details)

Winning at Arbitration
04WAA.jpg By: Broida, Hadley & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Sku: 04WAA
Edition: 1st/2004
ISBN: 0-9729852-4-7
Format: CD-ROM

Offering an overview of the arbitration process with tips and tactics for success, this CD practicum is essential to both union and agency representatives. The course is comprehensive covering pre-arbitration preparation through closing arguments. (more details)

Drafting Disciplinary Charges
04DDC.jpg By: Fowler, Ashner & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Sku: 04DDC
Edition: 1st/2004
ISBN: 0-9729852-3-9
Format: CD-ROM

A practicum in disciplinary charges, this e-training disc explores the complex nature of this critical element of adverse actions. Video and audio clips, reference to real world examples, and interactive questions help guide and explain the elements of charges and how to properly frame them. (more details)

Disability Law and Practice
04DLP.jpg By: Gilbert, Hadley & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Sku: 04DLP
Edition: 1st/2004
ISBN: 0-9729852-5-5
Format: CD-ROM

From the basics of disability law to guidance for practitioners on how best to represent agencies or complainants, this training disc provides a practical lesson on this complex subject. Materials include an examination and explanation of relevant laws, cases, and key terminology. (more details)

Damages and Remedies Before EEOC
04DRBE.jpg By: Gilbert, Hadley & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Sku: 04DRBE
Edition: 1st/2004
ISBN: 0-9729852-7-1
Format: CD-ROM

Whether assessing exposure or entitlement to compensatory damages, evaluating proof of damages and causation or some measure in between, this practicum provides practical strategies for pursuing or defending against claims for damages and remedial relief before the EEOC. (more details)

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