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MSPB: Litigation Techniques
By: Broida, Levinson & Kastner
Price: $25.00
Edition: 1st/1995
Sku: 95MBLT
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

Practitioners Peter Broida and Mitchell Kastner and former MSPB Chairman Dan Levinson team up to provide three hours of instruction on MSPB practice and procedure. The optional backup consists of three CDs.

Topics include:

  • Board Operation and Structure
  • Jurisdiction
  • Research of Board Cases
  • Initial Interviews of Clients and Witnesses
  • Use of Retainer Agreements
  • Compensatory Damages Claims for Civil Rights Violations
  • Investigation of Cases
  • Drafting of Appeals
  • Discovery Techniques (with emphasis on depositions)
  • Interaction with Administrative Judges
  • Motion Practice
  • Prehearing Submissions and Conferences
  • Hearing Procedures and Strategies
  • Treatment of Exhibits During Hearings
  • Closing of the Record
  • Effective Use of Petitions for Review
  • Settlement Techniques and Compliance
  • Counsel Fee Petitions
  • Election of the Board as Adjudicator when Other Forums Are Available
  • Preparation of Cases for Agency Replies in Adverse Action and Performance Cases Prior to the Board Appeal
Audio Sample:

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This edition is no longer for sale.
The latest edition is available for purchase here.

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