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Broida on MSPB Practice
Civil Service Advocacy Series
By: Broida
Price: $125.00
Edition: 1st
Sku: 14BOMP
Samples: Workbook Table of Contents
Format: 4hr 11min .mp4 video on DVD-ROM; workbook; + optional 50% off MSPB Basics
*optional 50% off MSPB Basics (for appellants) and/or MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition

Presented by Peter Broida, who writes the principal treatise on MSPB practice, this video training course covers the major elements of representation of agencies and appellants before MSPB judges. The course includes Mr. Broida’s lecture (.mp4 video sent on a DVD-ROM), a workbook, and optional 50% off MSPB Basics: A Brief Guide for the Distressed and Perplexed and/or MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition. The workbook contains a course notes-outline, reference materials, cases and a bibliography.

The course provides instruction for individuals or groups on:

.mp4 video on DVD-ROM & workbook

Additional workbooks sell for $25 each or in sets of 10 for $150. Call or email to purchase.

*optional 50% off MSPB Basics (for appellants) and/or MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition

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