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Supervising the Unionized Federal Workplace
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By: Corum
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Edition: 1st/2019
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Supervising unionized federal employees differs significantly from supervising private sector employees with union protections. The rights, responsibilities, and authorities of federal management and unions under federal labor law are significantly different from those granted private sector counterparts governed by the National Labor Relations Act. These differences affect not just the legalities, but the dynamics of supervision in a unionized federal work environment.

This new guide replaces and expands upon Michael Corum's popular guide, Labor Relations for Supervisors and Managers, by providing an understanding of not just the legal requirements, but the practicalities of dealing with employees and their representatives—the federal unions. This book gives supervisors not only the knowledge necessary to help them stay out of trouble, but also prescriptive practical guidance in dealing with the day to day situations created by unionized environment. The book starts with basic principles of federal labor relations, then turns to the legal rights of all parties, and then addresses the four major day to day situations: dealing with union officials, administering the agreement, changes in working conditions, and representational situations. This book contains the following topics.

1. The Key Differences Between Supervising With and Without a Union

2. The Five Essential Principles of Federal Labor Relations

3. Formation and Coverage of Federal Unions

4. Management Rights

5. Union and Employee Rights

6. Dealing with Union Officials

7. Administering the Agreement

8. Change Situations in Working Conditions

9. Representational Situations

10. Applying Labor Relations Requirements to the Most Common Management Decisions

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