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By: Kitchens
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Edition: 1st/2012
ISBN: 978-1-934651-66-7
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Written by Joyce Kitchens, former Assistant District Counsel for the Department of Veterans Affairs and long-time labor and employment practitioner, USERRA-VEOA Deskbook is a research tool for USERRA and VEOA decisions, statutes, and regulations. Geared to Human Resource specialists, hiring officials and anyone who advises them on the employment, reemployment and appeal rights of veterans and other preference eligibles, this book explains the rights and responsibilities of agencies, veterans, and preference eligibles.

USERRA/VEOA Deskbook explains the intricacies of both Acts and includes:

  • USERRA Legislative History
  • USERRA Purpose
  • USERRA Coverage – individuals, agencies, and types of service
  • USERRA Discrimination & Retaliation
  • USERRA Requirements for Return to Civilian Employment
  • USERRA Rights, Benefits & Obligations of Persons Absent from Employment due to Military Service
  • USERRA Rights, Benefits & Obligations of Returning Veterans or Service Members
  • Roles of Department of Labor & Office of Special Counsel in USERRA Appeals
  • USERRA Appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board – jurisdiction, appeals, waiver, hearing, & remedies
  • USERRA & Other Appealable Actions
  • Judicial Review of USERRA appeals
  • VEOA Legislative History
  • VEOA Purpose
  • VEOA Coverage – individuals, appointments, and agency obligations
  • VEOA & Prohibited Personnel Practices
  • Role of DOL in VEOA Appeals
  • VEOA Appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board – exhaustion of administrative remedies, jurisdiction, appeals, hearing, & remedies
  • Judicial Review of VEOA Appeals

Also included are a detailed table of contents and table of cases.

Also available as a .pdf file on CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download. Hyperlinks allow the reader to move quickly between the Table of Contents and the corresponding portions of the text. Internal hyperlinks serve as a cross-reference feature within the text.

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