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EEO Basics for Complainants
By: Hadley
Price: $75.00
Edition: 1st/2007
ISBN: 1-932612-97-1
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(2007) EEO Basics for Complainants

Written by the late Ernie Hadley, a recognized expert in federal sector EEO law, this step-by-step reference simplifies the EEO process for the novice and serves as a quick reference for attorneys and EEO office personnel. With basic explanations of each stage of the process and practical advice, EEO Basics guides the reader through governing case law and discrimination complainant proof requirements.

Agency EEO offices, practitioners, counselors, and employees rely on EEO Basics for an understanding of topics including:

  • The EEO Process: What it is and How it Works—an explanation of the Commission and the laws it enforces and initial and final processes before the Commission and agencies
  • Precomplaint or Informal Counseling—timeliness of claims, counselor interviews, the final interview, and alternative dispute resolution
  • Filing the Formal Complaint—formal complaint contents and how to file
  • Acknowledging the Formal Complaint—complaint amendments
  • Acceptance and Dismissal—bases for dismissal and what acceptance of a complaint means
  • Investigating the Complaint—the investigative interview and report of investigation
  • The Prehearing Process—the role of the judge, prehearing motions practice, discovery, summary judgment, and prehearing conferences
  • The Hearing—how to organize a case, the hearing, and decision
  • Settlement—the judge’s role and settlement agreements
  • EEOC Appeals—how to file an appeal and what the Commission looks for in an appeal

A detailed table of contents is also included.

Available as a softcover book and/or a PDF file with many useful features delivered on a CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, or download.

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