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New Managers Bundle
(14ERR; 13FFW)
By: Corum
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Edition: 2nd / 1st
Sku: ManagersBundle
ISBN: 1-934651-93-1 | 1-934651-73-7
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The Federal Supervisor’s Guide to Ethics, Rules, and ResponsibilitiesThe Federal Supervisor’s Guide to Ethics, Rules, and Responsibilities
By: Corum
Price: $65.00 $39

Written for federal supervisors and managers, a Guide to Ethics, Rules, and Responsibilities details and explains the primary rules governing ethics. Major topics include sources of ethics rules, a chapter detailing the principal ethics rules, and enforcement.

The First Four WeeksThe First Four Weeks
By: Corum
Price: $65.00 $39

The First Four Weeks instructs new managers on how to effectively transition into their new supervisory role and manage federal employees while still achieving their goals during the crucial first few weeks of tenure. Major topics include what motivates employees, mentally preparing for the supervisory role, negotiating with upper management, defining jobs, setting rules and performance expectations, and managing time..

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#Disability Discrimination Bundle (17DDLD; 11FSDD)

Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook (2017)Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook
By: Gilbert& Sumner
Price: $225.00 $180

Updated with cases through mid-2017, the Disability Deskbook is an extensive compilation of cases interpreting the Rehabilitation Act, ADA, ADAAA, and other statutes and implementing regulations and covers all disability related topics. Major topics include who is covered under the ADA, specific impairments, major life activities, "regarded as having a disability," "qualified individual with a disability," reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, direct threat defense, and disability related inquiries.

A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and PracticeA Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice
By: Corum
Price: $235.00 $188

The Disability Guide is an extensive and updated examination of federal EEO disability discrimination decisions, litigation practice, statutes, regulations, and practical advice for supervisors, representatives, HR specialists, and adjudicators. Major topics include overviews of the Rehabilitation Act, the ADA, and the ADAAA, impairments, major life activities, substantial limitations, "regarded as" disabilities, qualified individuals, reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, forms of prohibited discrimination, timeliness, remedies, and GINA.

#Supervisors Bundle-HR Management (16FSHR; 06SFE; 06LRSM)

The Complete Federal Supervisor's Guide to Human Resources ManagementThe Complete Federal Supervisor's Guide to Human Resources Management
By: Corum
Price: $75.00 $52.50

A comprehensive handbook on managing federal employees that covers, from a supervisor's perspective, every important aspect of human resources management from hiring to firing. This book shows federal supervisors the rules they need, specific strategies and tactics for hiring the right people, structuring their jobs to best motivate them, managing their performance, maintaining discipline, and managing their time. Each chapter will conclude with a summary and checklist for dealing with each issue.

Supervising Federal EmployeesSupervising Federal Employees
By: Corum
Price: $55.00 $38.50

Supervising Federal Employees is a succinct yet thorough overview of the civil service and an in-depth examination of all aspects of the personnel management system, including the unique responsibilities of federal managers. Major topics include employee and management rights and responsibilities, classification and job design, hiring, managing performance, discipline, time and attendance, equal employment opportunity, labor management relations, appeals, and grievances.

Labor Relations for Supervisors and ManagersLabor Relations for Supervisors and Managers
By: Corum
Price: $55.00 $38.50

This guide explains labor relations in the context of the federal government and the unique challenges that face federal managers of unionized workplaces. Major topics include an introduction to federal labor relations, basic principles, creating a union presence, management rights and obligations, employee and union rights and responsibilities, dealing with union officials, change situations, administering the agreement, and representational situations.

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