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Charges, Penalties, and Adverse Actions

MSPB: The Movie
MSPB: The Movie
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By: Broida
Price: $125.00
Sku: 23MBTM
Edition: 2nd/2023
Format: .zip file containing three files:
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     - .pdf table of contents/reference materials

First produced in 2005–2006, this course was reviewed and revised in 2023 to add discussion of the Board’s e-filing system, mediation programs, and video hearings, and to delete references to some procedures no longer used by the Board. The basics of the course remain the same—covering the process from filing of the appeal through issuance of the initial decision. (more details)

A Guide to Merit Systems Protection Board Law and Practice
A Guide to MSPB Law and Practice, 2024
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By: Broida
Price: $800.00
Sku: 24MSPB
Edition: 41th/2024
ISBN: 978-1-956013-27-6
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In three volumes, updated annually, the MSPB Guide is a complete research tool for Board cases, laws, procedure, and litigation practice and is the seminal text on this complex area of the law. Major topics include jurisdiction, appeals, discovery, hearings, evidence, PFRs, adverse actions and discipline, nexus and mitigation, substantive offenses, performance cases, RIFs, prohibited personnel practices, retirement, attorney fees, settlement, remedies, and judicial review. This authoritative text is a component of the American Civil Service Law Series. (more details)