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Gerald Cohen

Gerald Cohen is an attorney in the private practice of law. However, 80% of his time is spent as an arbitrator. Starting in 1969 he has been involved in some 1900 appointments in all industries. About 30 of his opinions have been published in national arbitration decision reporters. He is a graduate of St. Louis University and Harvard Law School. He has lectured and given seminars on arbitration to business and labor groups. He is married with four children, the oldest, a daughter, is a judge in the circuit court City of St. Louis, Missouri.

Effective Advocacy in Arbitration
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Edition: 1st/2003
ISBN: 1-878810-90-1
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From a seasoned arbitrator comes a concise, but thorough overview of arbitration. Beginning with effective preparation of grievances to the hearing itself, and all the details in between, this guide teaches beginner and veteran advocates alike how to be effective in arbitration. Major topics include ethics, preparation, grievances and answers, step meetings, pre-arbitration settlement, arbitration hearings, and summations. (more details)

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