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Position Classification and Job Grading in the Federal Government
By: Knudsen
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Edition: 1st/1997
Sku: 97PCJG
ISBN: 1-878810-40-5
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(1997) Position Classification and Job Grading in the Federal Government

Written by David Knudsen, a specialist in civil service position classification, staffing and personnel management, this instructional text provides brief but comprehensive explanation and guidance on the classification process with citations to governing statutes, regulations, and OPM guidance. Position Classification also explores significant cases and standards. Agency, union and employee representatives, supervisors, managers and HR specialists rely on this text for instruction on topics including:

  • Background on Position Classification
  • The General Schedule—including discussion of the pay system
  • General Schedule Classification Standards and Guides—including examples
  • The Position Within the Organization—including how to prepare a position description and standards
  • Responsibility for Accurate Classification of a Position—including discussion of the incumbent, the supervisor, the classifier, and OPM
  • Job Grading Under the Federal Wage System—including background and coverage of the FWS and job grading standards
  • Reviewing Authorities—including discussion of the Merit Systems Protection Board, allegations of discrimination, grievances, and Congressional oversight
  • Appeals—including how and where to file a classification appeal
  • Automation of Position Classification and Broad-Banding

Also included are a detailed table of contents and appendices that include excerpts of significant classification standards, leading cases from the courts and administrative agencies, and a brief bibliography.

Also available as a .pdf file on a CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

160+ pages.

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