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Mediation of Federal Sector Employment Disputes
By: Kaufman & Feil
Price: $75.00
Edition: 1st/1997 (introduction by the publisher added in 2022)
Sku: 97MED
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

Fern Feil and Neil Kaufman, professional mediators, provide three hours of instruction on the art of mediating federal personnel disputes. Their presentation covers each significant aspect of the mediation process. This course is intended for use by any management, union, or employee representative who becomes engaged in mediation of EEO, MSPB, or grievance cases. Experts as well as novices will benefit from the engaging and interactive instruction. The course is available on CD-ROM or thumb drive. The course was produced in 1997, and it was reviewed in 2022 by the Publisher, who offers a brief introduction to the course. The advice offered in 1997 is as valid years later. The mediation process has remained substantially the same in format for decades, save for the recent advent of video-based mediation sessions.

Major topics included in this presentation are:

  • Selection of Cases for Mediation
  • The Advocate’s Role in the Mediation Process
  • Selection of Mediators
  • Creation and Structuring of Settlements that are Developed through Mediation
  • Format and Structure of Mediation
  • The Relationship Among the Parties, their Representatives, and the Mediator
  • The Role of Confidentiality as an Element of Mediation
Audio Sample:

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