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Agency Advocacy Before the MSPB and EEOC
By: Fowler & Holzman
Price: $25.00
Edition: 1st/1997
Sku: 97AAME
Format: .mp3 download + optional audio CDs

Mr. Fowler and Mr. Holzman, both experienced agency advocates, present approximately six hours of instruction on the significant points of agency advocacy before the Board and the Commission. The optional backup consists of seven CDs.

The topics include:

  • The Role of the Representative During the Initial Investigation
  • Structuring of the Agency's Response
  • Conduct or Defense of Depositions
  • Formulation of Charges
  • Calendar Control in Litigation
  • Protection Against Discovery Abuse
  • Involvement in the Employee's Oral or Written Response to a Proposed Action
  • Formation of a Discovery Plan
  • Investigation and Discovery Involving Employees Represented by Unions
  • Assisting the Deciding Official
  • Forms of Discovery
  • Prehearing Submissions and Selection of Hearing Exhibits and Witnesses
  • Review of an Appeal or Complaint
  • Cost Efficiencies During Discovery
Audio Sample:

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