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ACSLS Reference Materials (.pdf download)
By: Dewey
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ACSLS Reference Materials

Make research simple using this annually updated one-stop source for many frequently used materials from the EEO, FLRA, and MSPB. A download link will be sent in the confirmation email after the item is purchased.

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  1. 29 CFR 1614 Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity
  2. 29 CFR 1630 Regulations to Implement the Equal Employment Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  3. 29 CFR 1635 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
  4. EEO MD-110 Federal Sector Complaints Processing Manual
  5. EEO MD-715 Management Directive 715
  6. EEO-MB 100-1 Management Bulletin
  7. EEOC Administrative Judges Handbook

    Laws Related to EEOC

  8. 29 USC 633 Age Discrimination Act
  9. 29 USC 791-794e Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Rehabilitation Services
  10. 42 USC 1981a 1991 Civil Rights Act
  11. 42 USC 2000e-16 Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunities
  12. 42 USC 2000ff-11 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
  13. 42 USC 12111 Equal Opportunity for Individuals with Disability
  14. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Sections 501 and 505
  15. ADA of 1990
  16. ADA Amendments 2008


  1. 5 CFR 2411-2473 - Chapter XIV Federal Labor Relations Authority, General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Impasses Panel
  2. 5 USC 7101-7135 - 5 USC Government Organization and Employees, Part III Employees, Subpart F Labor Management and Employee Relations, Chapter 71 Labor–Management Relations
  3. Unfair Labor Practice Manual
  4. Federal Labor Relations Authority Checklist for Filing Arbitration Appeals (Exceptions)
  5. Federal Labor Relations Authority Negotiability Appeals Process
  6. Guide to Dispute Resolution Procedures Used by the Federal Service Impasses Panel
  7. Negotiability Determinations by the Federal Labor Relations Authority


  1. 5 CFR 1200—Board Organization
  2. 5 CFR 1201—Practices and Procedures
  3. 5 CFR 1202—Statutory Review Board
  4. 5 CFR 1203—Procedures for Review of Rules and Regulations of the Office of Personnel Management
  5. 5 CFR 1204—Availability of Official Information
  6. 5 CFR 1205—Privacy Act Regulations
  7. 5 CFR 1206—Open Meetings
  8. 5 CFR 1207—Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the basis of Disability in Programs or Activities conducted by the Merit Systems Protection Board
  9. 5 CFR 1208—Practices and Procedures for Appeals Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act and the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act
  10. 5 CFR 1209—Practices and Procedures for Appeals and Stay Requests of Personnel Actions Allegedly Based on Whistleblowing
  11. 5 CFR 1210—Practices and Procedures for an Appeal of a Removal or Transfer of a Senior Executive Service Employee by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
  12. 5 CFR 1215—Debt Management
  13. 5 CFR 1216—Testimony by MSPB Employees Relating to Official Information and Production of Official Records in Legal Proceedings
  14. Laws Relating to the MSPB
  15. Judge's Handbook
  16. WPEA
  17. Whistleblower PPD-19

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