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MSPB Case Summaries (.pdf download)
By: Broida & Davis
Price: $250.00
Edition: 12th/2021
ISBN: 978-1-941825-89-1; 1-941825-89-3
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MSPB Case Summaries

MSPB Case Summaries compiles and condenses precedential and nonprecedential MSPB and Federal Circuit decisions of significance. Arranged by subject matter areas of Board jurisprudence and further categorized alphabetically, representatives and researchers rely on MSPB Case Summaries to quickly locate relevant decisions, use the hyperlink to access the full text and cut and paste the summaries directly into motions and briefs.

Practitioners, researchers and adjudicators who are involved in the litigation of Board cases use this guide for its reporting of cases relating to:

The compilation serves as a great point of quick reference for attorneys and researchers who understand the basic structure of Board caselaw and is a useful adjunct to the Guide to Merit Systems Protection Board Law and Practice. Checking both references reduces the possibility that a relevant case will be missed during research of Board law.

Available as a softcover book and/or a PDF file with many useful features delivered on a CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, or download. Hyperlinks allow the reader to move quickly between the Table of Contents and Index entries and the corresponding portions of the text. Internal hyperlinks serve as a cross-reference feature within the text. Cases are linked to internet cites so that the entire case can be viewed.

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