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Preventing Workplace Disruption
The Federal Supervisor's Guide to Dealing with Harassment and Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace
By: Corum
Price: $100.00
Edition: 1st/2019
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Federal supervisors are increasingly confronted with all manner of bullying behaviors in the workplace including, simple unsettling acts, offensive behavior of all sorts, harassment of all types to include discriminatory acts like sexual harassment, threats against coworkers, verbal abuse and threats against supervisors, and outright acts of workplace violence.

Michael Corum, is a leading authority on handling problem employees in federal service. This new guide replaces and expands upon Michael Corum’s popular books, Stopping Workplace Violence and Combating Sexual Harassment, by offering federal supervisors step-by-step prescriptive guidance on sorting through and identifying these disruptive behaviors and then taking the right practical and legal measures to resolve them. The book is broken into three sections: workplace threats and violence; harassment, discriminatory and other forms; and other disruptive behavior. The book covers the following topics:

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