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Due Process in Adverse and Performance-Based Actions
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By: Fowler
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Edition: 2nd/2017
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ISBN: 978-1-941825-30-3 ; 1-941825-30-3
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Due Process in Adverse and Performance-Based Actions (2017)

Appellants don’t win; agencies lose. Agencies lose because all the boxes aren’t checked, all the bases aren’t touched. Due Process in Adverse and Performance-Based Actions deals with those key errors, the key procedural (harmful error) and structural (due process) mistakes. This guide details the critical nuances of Loudermill, Stone, and Ward due process errors, those errors being fatal, an automatic, per se reversal, a no harmful versus harmless or, outcome-determinative argument being irrelevant. Now the reach of due process extends to more than basic notice concerns. This helpful guide provides step-by-step the basics, the essentials, the analytical model, and practical tips for dealing with procedural and due process issues. Chapters include:

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