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Surviving EEO Complaints
By: Tuck
Price: $75.00
Edition: 3rd/2010
ISBN: 1-934651-39-7
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Written by Sarah Tuck, a long time Supervisory Litigation Consultant, Surviving EEO Complaints takes supervisors and managers step-by-step through the EEO complaint process and governing laws. Expert guidance is included on how to avoid complaints, what to expect once one is filed, and how to defend against and survive them. Also included are examples of real life scenarios that managers often face and thorough discussion of a manager’s responsibilities during EEO investigations and hearings.

The Third Edition includes discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2008, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, significantly expands the coverage of harassment law with scenarios on each protected basis, provides more tips on how to communicate better to reduce complaints, and provides additional information on what to expect during the EEO counseling, ADR, investigation, and hearings processes.

Federal managers and supervisors rely on this popular title for practical explanation and advice on topics including:

  • Discrimination Laws—race, color, sex, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability and religion discrimination, GINA, Equal Pay Act, and retaliation
  • Identifying the Employee Who May Bring an EEO Complaint
  • The Difference Between Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact
  • Harassment—sexual harassment and other allegations of harassment
  • Reasonable Accommodation of Religious Beliefs and Disability—disability definitions and steps in determining reasonable accommodation
  • Retaliation
  • Strategies for Reducing Complaints—how to make decisions based on merit, improve communications, and explaining and enforcing work expectations and rules
  • The EEO Complaint Process—alternative dispute resolution, initial and formal complaints, and investigations
  • The Hearing Process—discovery and hearings
  • Use of Government Property and Time
  • Advice on Coping With the Litigation Process

Also includes a detailed table of contents and appendices reviewing the EEO complaint processing procedures and questions that may be asked during EEO investigations.

Available as a softcover book and/or a PDF file with many useful features delivered on a CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, or download. 185 pages.

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