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Settling Disputes
By: Corum
Price: $55.00
Edition: 1st/2009
Sku: 09SD-PDF
ISBN: 1-934651-17-6
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(2009) Settling Disputes

Settling Disputes teaches federal managers and supervisors how to resolve grievances, appeals, and complaints without encouraging more complaints. This book offers traditional and creative settlement options with strategies and alternatives for deciding when to settle and when to litigate. Agency management and those that advise them rely on this book.

  • EEO Settlements—including why settlement is important and barriers to settlement
  • Defining the Interests—including interest-based negotiations with examples
  • Creating Options—including brainstorming creative approaches to settlement with examples
  • Finalizing the Agreement—including specificity of language and settlement organization

Also included is a detailed table of contents.

Also available as a .pdf file on a CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

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