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Best of the Board
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By: Broida
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Edition: 1st/2009
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ISBN: 1-934651-11-7
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(2009) Best of the Board

Written by Peter Broida, a long time practitioner before the Board, a lecturer on MSPB practice, and an author of comprehensive treatises on MSPB law and procedure, Best of the Board is a comprehensive research tool containing Mr. Broida’s commentary on the essence of the case holding and followed by that salient portion of the case text. This primer offers a description of the steps of the appellate process and an understanding of the most significant decisions issued since 1978 by the Board and by the Federal Circuit in cases involving, inter alia, adverse actions, performance-based cases, reduction-in-force appeals, enforcement petitions, and counsel fee determinations. Best of the Board is a good introduction to the basics of Board operations and is well-suited for use by agency and appellants’ attorneys, employee relations specialists and human relations specialists, union representatives, and others who may be required to practice before the Board and need basic training on:

  • The Efficiency of the Service Standard—including discussion of governing statutory and case law
  • Board Decisional Processes—including discussion and reporting of seminal decisions on timeliness, dismissal, jurisdiction, pro se appellants, hearing location, videoconferencing and telephonic hearings, and sanctions
  • Evidence in Board Cases—including hearsay, medical evidence, polygraphs, and credibility analysis
  • Charges and Penalties—including mitigation, nexus, unified penalties, security clearance issues, and threats
  • Agency Decisional Errors—including harmful error and due process
  • Affirmative Defenses—including discrimination and reprisal
  • Unusual Jurisdiction Issues—including probationary terminations, indefinite suspensions, constructive adverse actions, enforced leave, whistleblowing, and arbitration review
  • Settlements—including enforceable agreements requirements and last chance agreements
  • Attorney Fees—including awards

Also includes a detailed table of contents, preface, and introduction.

Also available as a .pdf file on a CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

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