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MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition
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By: Broida
Price: $55.00
Edition: 1st/2005
Sku: 05MBAE
ISBN: 1-932612-52-1
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(2005) MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition

Written by Peter Broida, author of the ever-popular A Guide to Merit Systems Protection Board Law and Practice, MSPB Basics: The Agency Edition is a concise explanation of the MSPB appellate process for use by agency representatives. With relatively minimal citation to case law and only necessary citation to statutes and regulations, Mr. Broida explains how the agency representative goes about responding to and defending an MSPB appeal. Covered subject matter includes:

  • An Overview of Board Structure and Operations
  • Responding to the Appeal—including the necessary contents
  • Discovery—including discussion of traditional discovery tools and motions to compel
  • Motions Practice—including motions for extensions of time, to waive untimely filing, to dismiss appeal as timely, to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, and protective and exclusionary motions
  • Settlement—including challenges with settlement
  • Discrimination Issues
  • Prehearing Procedures—including hearing requests and prehearing orders and conferences
  • Hearings—including preparation and organization, opening and closing statements, and direct and cross examination
  • Petition for Review—including when, how, and what to file and opposition to PFRs
  • Counsel Fee Petitions
  • Relationships With the Judge, Opposing Counsel, Pro Se Appellants, and Management
  • Research—including where to look for relevant information
  • Significant Decisions of the Board—including jurisdiction, timeliness, procedures, hearings, penalties, substantive offenses, and affirmative defenses

Also included are a detailed table of contents, sample acknowledgment order, sample hearing notice, and 5 CFR Part 1201 reproduced.

Also available as a .pdf file on a CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

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