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Winning at Arbitration (download)
By: Broida, Hadley & Wiley
Price: $80.00
Edition: 1st/2004
Sku: 04WAA
ISBN: 0-9729852-4-7
Format: download (.zip file containing executable) + optional CD-ROM backup

This software training module guides agency and union representatives through the arbitration of a grievance. As union activity increases in the federal workplace, the number of issues pursued to arbitration increases as well. Practitioners at all levels will benefit from a review of the basic concepts of arbitration as well as the more advanced tips and strategies discussed by federal employment law attorneys Broida and Hadley. Topics covered include: the selection of an arbitrator, framing the issues for arbitration, developing a case theory, selecting and preparing witnesses, presenting testimony, introducing evidence and exhibits, building a strong opening and closing argument, and research techniques.

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