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How to Fire a Federal Employee
By: Wiley
Price: $80.00
Edition: 1st/2003
Sku: 03FAFE
ISBN: 0-9729852-0-4
Format: CD-ROM

This CD-ROM training module walks the supervisor and practitioner through the process of removing an employee for misconduct or unacceptable performance. Presented by an attorney with over 25 years of experience as an agency representative, MSPB adjudicator, and now a representative of appellants and agencies before MSPB, the module begins with the basic theory of workplace discipline and culminates in the steps necessary to terminate or discipline a federal employee. The module includes: extensive audio and video clips; embedded web links for independent research; self-testing to check the user’s comprehension of the subject; refresher review; the ability to email the author with questions; draft disciplinary documents that can be edited and used in practice (reprimand, suspension, removal, improvement plan); a Douglas Factor Worksheet; and investigatory memos. The training course permits the user to “bore down” into the material if a more in-depth presentation is needed.

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