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Defending Your Case
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By: Corum
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Edition: 1st/2003
Sku: 03DYC
ISBN: 1-878810-89-8
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(2003) Defending Your Case

Defending Your Case is for agency managers and supervisors who will be testifying before the MSPB, EEOC, or at arbitration hearings, as well as, those providing information in other investigative or adjudicatory proceedings such as EEO investigations, FLRA investigations, and OSC inquiries. Providing more depth than the usual tips on how to testify, the book covers:

  • The Tribunals—the differences between administrative and judicial tribunals, the most common administrative tribunals, and other administrative fact-finding processes
  • Burdens and Standards—the burdens of proof, standards of proof, and elements of proof for the most common actions: disciplinary and adverse actions, selections, harassment, and other actions usually challenged
  • The Seven Classic Mistakes—why agencies lose cases they shouldn’t lose
  • The Mechanics and Dynamics of Testimony—preparation, appearing on the witness stand, holding up under cross-examination, and giving information in investigative phases

Also includes a detailed table of contents.

Available as a softcover book and/or a PDF file with many useful features delivered on a CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, or download. Hyperlinks allow the reader to move quickly between the Table of Contents and the corresponding portions of the text. Internal hyperlinks serve as a cross-reference feature within the text.

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